Shipping Policy

Lucky 7 Bear Bait Shipping Info


Lucky 7 Shipping:

Lucky 7 Bear Bait is happy to offer shipping options across the United States and Canada! We ship from one pallet of product to full semi loads of product (24 pallets or 44,000 pounds). We have longstanding relationships with a variety of shipping companies to offer you the best service and pricing possible!

United States Customers:

Shipping cost is based upon your delivery location; pallet weight; and pallet size.

Canadian Customers:

We offer shipping to customers on orders ranging from 2 pallets to full semi loads (44,000 pounds). We have a Canadian Customs Broker that is ready to assist with border crossing. Please contact us for further information on timing and availability of loads coming to your area.


Please call 763-689-1090

When calling for a quote it is helpful to have an idea of the product that you hope to ship along with:
1.  Shipping location (zip code)
2.  Knowledge of shipping location (business or residential delivery)
3.  Will offloading assistance be needed (lift-gate)